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Our lubrication systems guarantee wind turbine durability, increase labor productivity and eliminate downtime. When it comes to providing affordable and efficient grease supply systems, no one does it like WEITAI.

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One of the biggest advantages of using WEITAI lubrication systems is that your equipment will be automatically lubricated, even while the work process.

With the automatic lubrication systems risk for occupational injuries while the process of manual lubrication will be significantly eliminated.

Manual methods of lubrication are not the most trustful because it is easy to over-lubricate equipment. On the contrary, automated systems guarantee the regularity and consistency of the lubrication process.

As we can see from the advantages listed above, using automatic lubrication systems helps to decrease the cost while decreasing the productivity.


Different Types



Suitable for compact size machines that operate in protected environments with a few lubrication points and space limitations. Single-line systems also feature high operational reliability at low temperatures.



Suitable for machines of all sizes that require total control of factory operations. High functional reliability with blocking control are the main features of this type



Suitable for both minimizing friction and spraying workpieces for the purpose of cooling or corrosion protection. Low lubricant consumption, over lubrication prevention.

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It consists of an electric lubrication pump, progressive dispenser, piping accessories and control section. The distributor delivers the lubricant to each lubrication point under pump pressure.

It is high-pressure, quantitative, gap type and can operate normally in the case of relatively large differences in humidity.

The oil injection volume is accurate and easy to install, adjust and maintain.


Work conditions of wind turbines can be very special. They often operate at various speeds, in harsh conditions and in remote areas. The wind turbine lubrication process can only be monitored and managed remotely, that is why the manual operation is not as efficient as the automatic one. WEITAI offers top quality automatic lubrication solutions to increase the productivity of wind power generation.

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