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Experiencing issues with your skid steer loaders? Not sure where to start the inspection from? Read this article!

Like any other machines, skid steer loaders eventually get some problems, and to prevent them you would want to pay special attention to some machine parts. In this article, we will list the most frequent issues skid loader holders face and will recommend some preventive measures.

Engine problems

Your engine doesn’t start? In this case, inspect the fuel system first, and filters in particular. Not changing filters on schedule, which manufacturers usually write in the manuals, can eventually lead to issues. Also, if the environments you work in are dusty, it would be smart to change filters more often.

If the filters are fine, move on to the fuel tank. Lack of proper fuel flow can often prevent your engine from working as it should.

Checking glow plugs would be the next step. Sometimes glow plugs come loose which leads to engine cooling. Make sure they are tightly attached.

If all of the parts we mentioned above work properly, check the engine’s throttle cable. Those cables always need to be securely attached to the throttle body.

WEITAI’s WSL-1100 skid steer loader

Hydraulic system problems

Hydraulic system is the second part of the skid loader that frequently gets some issues. The most common problem is your hydraulic fluid fault. Both underfilled and overfilled fluid levels can make the whole hydraulic system fail. Clogged fluid filters can also cause problems with hydraulics.

Looking for loose fittings and leaks in the hydraulic lines will be the next very important step. Before inspecting them, ensure that the pump and engine are running normally. It will help you to spot the leaks.

The last step will be checking the seals and fittings on the control valves. Valves themselves must have no difficulties with opening and closing.

Control system problems

Your machine joystick doesn’t respond to the operator’s directions? Sometimes loose or disconnected steering or loader connections cause this problem. Also, check the wires connecting the actuators and hydraulic pump to the joystick. Often, if you connected them inappropriately, you might experience joystick issues.

If your control system does respond or slow, it would be smart to check the safety switches on your machine, which are supposed to function in the right way and always have all the connections secured.

Another reason why your control system can frequently fail is bad circuits. Check your loader’s battery for any drain.

Hopefully, this article will help you to fix the problems with your skid steer loaders. Message us to learn more about WEITAI skid steer loaders and other construction machinery.

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