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Digging holes, clearing lands from rocks and snow, even cutting the grass can be done with the help of different types of skid steer tools.

Skid steer loaders are very helpful on construction sites, especially when you equip with the right attachments. Digging holes, clearing lands from rocks and snow, even cutting the grass can be easily done with the help of different types of skid steer tools. In this article, we would like to talk about the most useful attachments for your loader you can consider investing in.


Would you like to increase the speed of digging holes for trees or fencing? Doing this work manually usually takes a lot of time and effort. However, having an auger will help you to speed up the process and become more precise with digging. Also depending on the type of soil and the depth of digging you can choose different types of augers and extensions for them.

Grapple Buckets

If you need to move big and nonstandard size objects, such as rocks or logs, a good grapple bucket will be the best tool for doing that. Manufacturers can design them in a different ways depending on your needs. For example, some of grapple buckets have an open area underneath if you want the fine material to fall through. Indeed, these tools provide the best combination of handling materials and objects securely.


Do you need an inexpensive tool to handle materials? Different fork attachments are the most affordable options. You can also use them for moving palletized materials and goods.

Brush Hogs

Brush hogs can be very useful in two situations: if you are planning to excavate some areas and want to prepare the land and if you want to clear overgrowth.


Interested in getting a compact tool for light construction or landscaping and at the same time don’t want to bring a full backhoe to your job site? If the answer is yes, a good backhoe attachment will be a perfect choice for you. It can serve many tasks, such as light construction and transportation of materials, small demolitions, and excavation, even breaking asphalt and paving roads.


When you need to dig trenches for different purposes, for example, for drainage, utility lines, or drain pipes, using a trench application will be the best option for sure. It is perfectly designed for cutting the ground the way you need.

Snow blowers

Experience snowy and harsh winters? Then you know how hard clearing paths and throwing snow can be. A reliable snow blower will always save you plenty of time. Even the deepest drifts can be cleared through with the help of a decent blower.

Rock Buckets

Sometimes cleaning up rocky areas and beaches can be challenging and time-consuming. A skid steer rock bucket attachment will work perfectly to help you with it. It is designed to retain the debris and rocks while grading and digging.

Summing up, different types of attachments can significantly increase and diversify the capabilities of your skid steer. WEITAI offers a wide range of additional tools for its compact machines. To learn more please leave a message, we will be happy to consult you!


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