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You need to consider your job site, horsepower & rated loading capacity, attachments that may be used, and the type of lift.

What makes skid steer loaders so special? The shortest answer is versatility. They are maneuverable, multifunctional, and easy to operate construction equipment. Nowadays there are many options for skid steers on the market, however, not to get confused you need to know what exactly you are looking for. Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the right skid steer loader for your work site. First of all, you need to consider your job site, horsepower & rated loading capacity, attachments that may be used, and the type of lift.

Weitai Skid Steer Loader Factory – Model WSL-830

1. Think of your job site

Depending on your job site you would want to choose either wheel or track loader. It will be easier to drive a wheel loader on hard and flat surfaces, but they are not easy to operate on rocky sites and muddy spots. On the contrary, track loaders will be perfect for use in more difficult conditions, because they are created to glide over challenging landscapes.

2. Check the horsepower and operating rated capacity

Depending on what you need to use your skid steer for, you might want to choose the one with a stronger engine and horsepower. For example, for the site prep job the stronger the machine is the better the result will be.

3. Decide on attachments you might use

Before purchasing a machine, first of all think of what attachments you would want to use. Some of them you can only apply to bigger loaders. To learn more about attachments please read this article.

4. Pay attention to the lift type

There are two main lift types: vertical and radial. Vertical ones provide greater lifting heights and greater reach. Also, engineers designed vertical lift skid steers for more stable material handling. On the contrary, radial-lift loaders are great for digging, moving forces, and breakout. If you need to load and upload pick-up tracks or smaller platforms and vehicles, you should also use radial lift machines.

WEITAI offers a great variety of both skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. Our machines are available for sale all over the world. Please don’t hesitate to leave us a message.

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  1. I appreciated how this post mentioned that track loaders are designed to glide over rocky landscapes. My friend told me that they need a skid steer for their project. I should advise him to work with a company that provides grading equipment and expertise.

  2. I think it’s helpful that you said that wheel loaders are simpler to run on flat, firm ground than they are on rocky or muddy terrain. I want to use the skid steer loader in my business warehouse. I’ll look for a skid steer loader rental and ask for advice on which one to rent.

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